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Children drinking from stream in forest

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They were not expecting this to happen

We all thought we were prepared for any sort of crisis situation, I mean we were farmers and know Kung Fu!  We were absolutely not ready for what happened.   Seed farming in the country, we thought that they had it all: water, food, shelter, protection… but when we were overrun by zombies, we realized that we absolutely had not prepared at all.  

No matter how much we thought we were ready for a catastrophe, we were never expecting that it would have been flesh eating neighbours and friends who no longer wanted a cup of sugar!  We thought we were going to stay at the farm, defend the land we were stewarding and bug out, but when we were overrun with a horde of zombies that came from all directions, we didn’t even have time to grab some seeds for later.  We just ran!  I mean, we grabbed the kids out of their beds and ran.  Now I wish we had fought, because we are totally fucked.

Days with no food and very little water we have been lost in the woods for sometime now.  WTF are we supposed to do?  Thankfully we met another man on the road, rest his soul, and he told us how to clean water if we were stuck.  At least now we can somewhat protect ourselves and our kids. Just in case anyone is reading this, we thought we would pass on this knowledge so that they can also survive a bit better.  Good luck and remember, get them in the head!  

How to properly clean your water when it trouble

What do you need to do if you don’t have water and need to clean it?

Stuck, thirsty and can’t risk getting sick?  You need to find a way to help yourself and anyone else you are with quickly.

Ideally, you find water, boil it, let it cool and then drink it.  But we don’t always have that option.  

So if you can’t boil you will need to find another way to get water.   You will need some sort of container, 2 ideally water bottles or cups, anything that can hold water.

If you have a cup, you need to take it and pierce holes at the bottom, if you have a bottle, you need to cut the bottom of the bottle and turn it upside down, spout towards the ground, cap pierced so that water can filter through and new hole you created up towards sky.  Fill the bottom 1/3rd part  of the bottle/cup with larger rocks first, then find dry sand to fill in the cracks in between the rocks. 

If you can, find an old camp fire or make a fire and let it cool down so you can grab some of the charcoal.  Crush the charcoal and place a layer on the rock/sand, at least 1-2 inches thick if space permits.  

Then layer the charcoal with another layer or rocks and sand and bring this almost to the top of your cup, making sure that there is some space for you to pour water so that it collects. 

Then, and this is important, take a piece of cloth, be it your cotton shirt of any material that you can lay on top of the rocks.  This will act as an additional filter and allow you to increase the removal of extra impurities.  

Take your pierced bottle and place the part with the holes over the other cup or other bottle.  Pour water through your cloth that it placed on the top of the filter and allow to flow downwards towards the container at the bottom.  

Once the water passes through, you can drink. 


Always make sure to be careful when drinking water that is potentially contaminated.  The system explained above does not remove a lot of pathogens that can be really harmful.  Ideally you BOIL your water.  This is an example of an extreme situation that requires extreme response. 

Never forget the zombies!

Also, you need to be aware that the whole time you are doing this, there is a horde of zombies on the loose trying to eat you.



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