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Basilic Sacré / Sacred Basil


In love with expressive fluidness and transparency Alma uses simple materials like pencil, watercolour and some ink to talk to subconsciousness, and mediums like wax, ink, oil and acrylic paints to capture people’s soul and character with seemingly careless and thoughtless lines of her wax pencil portraits and perform clear artistic ideas and tasks for communal projects, like one for Burning Man in 2019 (The Temple of Thought aka the Brain Project with Dan Miller and Co).

Movement is essential element for her thirsty mind and has been in her nomadic lifestyle through life and so still is for her art, coming from the desire to see the bigger picture and not have the attachment to a country, cultural ideals, searching for her own authentic identity in this Universe just like any other artist and sharing the quest into the unknown with anyone who tags along and follows her art. IG: Alma Soleada

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Basilic Sacré – Sacred Basil – 5$

75 semences  / 75 seeds
Plein Soleil / Full Sun
Arroser / Water: 2-3 jours/days
Maturité / Maturity: 65-75 jours/days
Hauteur / Height: 18-24″
Distance entre plantes / Distance between plants: 6-8″
Dessin/Drawing – Alma Soleada 
The last one in the series process, by that time I was already comfortable with the format, process and way of thinking about the colours for little print and totally enamoured with the zombieseedz concept and the brand’s founder Teprine. Out of the whole series I wanted to have at least one image just come out of a sketchbook without using a specific idea or photo as a reference but rather freely express a sensation, in this case a sensation of zombie leaves glooming around and tailing above you with threatening smirks and fallen out eyes and stitches all over their bodies. I also was trying to make it more simplistic in colour thinking forward about the printing process and scaling down the image.

Holy basil or Tulsi is also one of my ally plants, I love it in food, love it in tea and lemonades, for bathing, cleansing and sweat-lodging, i think it’s marvelous and  all around healing. This design was also executed with watercolour and ink and luckily recorded in time-lapse for you.



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